Clear Creek: "Val"

This extended property is located along the lower part of Clear Creek, right beside the Yukon Highway. During the last 3 years we performed a serious testing campaign along the creek and along the upper benches with positive results (wide distribution of fine gold of glacial origin). On the benches we found remains of a paleo-channel (not completely exposed at this time). During summers of 2015 and 2016 we performed a drilling campaign with an 8 inch auger drill. We proved the distribution of fine gold of glacial origin up to a depth of 25 feet. We didn’t manage to reach the bedrock yet. We will try again during 2018.  We are just few steps away from complete this research with good  chances of discoveries. This is a huge project and requires more digging and testing before going in production.



Placer Mining Land Use Permit Class 3 available

For this particular project we are also looking to extend our partnership to other mining companies, interested in developing this highly-potential gold area into a mining site for the future. If you want to be part of these project you can contact us at anytime.

Overview map Val property at Clear Creek

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Location and how to get there

very good access right on the  Yukon Highway

111km from Dawson City

469km from Whitehorse



1,408 acres




overview map Val property at Clear Creek

Map Val property at Clear Creek

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Map Val property at Clear Creek