Green Gold...

means an eco-friendly way of mining and exploring


Green Gold philosophy

During our years of exploring the Yukon, we have developed an intense respect for the natural beauty of this Territory and for mother nature in general. Even in the toughest situation we considered ourselves lucky to be part of this great, clean environment.

We spent some of the best days of our lives on these mountains.  Today our goal is to to develop our prospecting leases and placer gold mines with integrity, in an environmentally responsible manner.

IMPORTANT: we are looking for technologies and  smart solutions for an environmentally-friendly way to mine. If you have green-ideas to share with us, or if you know of any heavy equipment and mining devices designed to have a low impact on the eco-system, please contact us.

We are also looking for new methods to reclaim the exploited placer mines into them original ecosystem.  
We want to prove that mining can be done in a responsible manner, with a low impact on the surrounding environment. We have to work together and share information in order to progress while protecting this beautiful nature. 

Melting snow on the Yukon River