Twelve Mile Creek: "Ra"

"Ra" is a big-size placer mine, located along the Twelve Mile Creek (tributary of the Sixtymile River). The area is historically known for been an excellent gold producer with a challenging ‘patchy’ depositions (alternation between rich pockets and 'dry' areas).

During summer of 2015 we tested the upper benches and found fine and medium-size gold but in a 'low-grade' type of concentration. This benches will be easy to mine but to be profitable they requires the ability to process great amounts of material (with very big equipment) in a very economical way.

For a medium-size type of mining operation it will be more convenient to mine along the modern floodplain, where the creek re-concentrated the gold of the upper benches in much better quantities.

The bedrock is shallow along the entire valley (<20 feet) and easily recognizable: an orange/yellow (sandy) weathered intrusion or green (clayish) weathered schist.

During the summer of 2016 Ra Property has been optioned to a Canadian/Australian enterprise until 2020. The preliminary mining attempt has been conducted along the lower-grade benches with under-sized equipment which didn't allow to process sufficient material, with poor results. During the mining season of 2018 the same company will perform a new attempt, this time along the floodplain, hopefully with better results.



Water Licence available

Overview map Ra property at Twelve Mile Creek

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Location and how to get there

abaout 18 km from the Highway

good road with 4 WD-Truck passable

80 km from Dawson



759 acres




overview map Ra property at Twelve Mile Creek

Map Ra property at Twelve Mile Creek

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map of Ra property at Twelve Mile Creek