Investing on YEGGI

Up to this day we own about 500 registered claims and more than 30 miles of prospecting leases, which are ready to be tested and eventually converted into new gold mines (in case of positive results).  

Since 2016 several serious mining enterprises are producing gold on our properties: at "Eos" on California Creek, at "Oz" on Big Creek, and at "Ra" on 12 Mile Creek and at "Nyx" on Bruin CreekIn 2020 several thousend ounces of gold have been produces on 4 mining operations on our claims.

For the coming years we are planning a further expansion in new areas where we already explored with encouraging results.

Our company intend to keep growing, carefully and persistently. For the future we could need the help of investors and partners, to move-up to the next steps, toward further developments.

We are determined to become an important part of the gold production of the Yukon, which is today one of the biggest gold producer of North America. 

The best reason to invest on us is our ability to produce concrete results, directly in the goldfield, and to create real gold mines instead just assets on papers:

Every year we're adding to our portfolio fully licensed properties, ready to go in production at anytime!

Gold on scale great result