Our licensed gold mines

To this day Yukon Exploration Green Gold Inc. owns 7 fully licensed gold mines. Four of these are already in production (Oz, Oz2, Eos and Ra) and 3 are ready to be mined at any time (Nyx, Stardust and Qi).

Among these properties 4 are big-size mines (Oz, Oz2, Eos and Qi) of more than 500 hectares (1,200 acres) of land, 2 are of medium-size (Nyx and Ra), with more than 100 hectares (240 acres) and 1 (Stardust) is a small-size property (50 hectares or 120 acres).

They’re all hosting proven gold.

To create a licensed placer gold mine is a long process that requires a great amounts of energies and founds: years of geological investigation to start with, on maps, reports and satellite images; then fieldwork with geophysical surveys and drilling, and to conclude, only in case of good results, a final  campaign of testing and sampling the ground with expensive heavy equipment (Dozers, excavators, washplants, etc.).
To convert a placer deposit into an active gold mine it could take from 3 to 5 years of hard work and investments.
Then the bureaucratic part starts: permits for water licenses, land use (to build roads and camps), waiting time for approval, fees… and a new mine is finally ready to go in production!

Last new: during the summer of 2017 we successfully tested the new “Io” property, staked along the lower part of historical Excelsior Creek. We are now applying for all the licenses necessary to convert it into a new active mine. It should be ready to start by the beginning of season 2018.

Here below you’ll find a complete technical description for each one of our mine.

"Oz" at Big Creek

"Oz2" at Big Creek

"Eos" at California Creek

"Ra" at Twelve-Mile-River

"Nyx" at Bruin Creek

"Stardust" at Golden Gulch

"Qi" at Swede Creek