Three reasons to invest in gold

On these days, with the global economy in deep recession, all the interest rates are low and many investors are afraid by the negative tendencies of currency. How to secure our money? Could the gold be the answer? 

There are good reasons to invest in gold:

1.  Gold has always been a classical investment and should always be a part of a broad portfolio. A good/old recommendation is to put the 15% of your assets in gold. If the confidence in currencies decreases, this will help the gold price to go high.

2.  The price of gold is simply destined to grow, for its physical scarcity (the 70% of the global reserves have been already mined). The gold options are exceeding the physical reserves by far: if the all warrants on gold (which exist only in theory) will be redeemed, the price of gold would explode in a nanosecond!

3.  Since the collapse of the gold price in 2013, the price of gold made sideways movement until the beginning of 2016. Many analysts declared that the gold price already reached the bottom and the chances for its price to be pushed down are today very minimal. Contrariwise, an increase of gold price could start to go up with no limits! At this time the shares of gold mining companies are picking up again to testify this tendency.

To own a placer mine could be the right way to invest your money: why to buy gold, which is mostly just on paper, when you can own a real gold mine?