We are goldseekers...

... that may sound very exotic first, and you imagine knights of fortune hoping for great wealth.

Of course, the gold search also has to do with luck. But more with diligence and extensive knowledge in the required fields.
Together we have in-depth knowledge of geology, glaciology (glacier-science), geophysics, mineralogy, civil engineering, construction, water management, engineering and management. This is complemented by great local knowledge in the Yukon and the history of Placer Mining.

Jörg Lotz, CEO, president of Yukon Exploration Green Gold Inc.

Joerg is the President of YEGGI and has been active in the Yukon since 2012.As a civil engineer, he has extensive experience in civil engineering and water management as well as construction- and engineering geology. Furthermore, he has many years of experience as a managing director and chairman of the board of directors as well as a member of the supervisory board of a bank. He is familiar with innovative financing models and M & A projects. He founded Lotz AG Ingenieure, a successful engineering company in municipal civil engineering more than 20 years ago in Germany. In 2008, he founded the Bioenergie Wächtersbach, which operates a woodchip-fired heating power plant with district heating network, the company was awarded several times and is regarded as a model for CO2-neutral heat and electricity generation.The search for new challenges and interesting investment opportunities combined with his profession as civil engineer led his way into the Yukon.With the tools and experience of a german engineering degree, he puts the "adventure" gold search on a solid technical and business basis.





CEO Joerg Lotz

Sandro Frizzi, (geologist/prospector)

Sandro is a geologist active in the Yukon since 2005 and resident of Dawson City since 2010.

After working as consultant for different hard-rock mining exploration companies along the northern Canada and South/Central America, he dedicated his attention to the placer mining exploration of the Yukon. During years of expeditions aimed at discovering new goldfields, Sandro gained a solid knowledge about the distribution of placer gold along this vast Territory. Today several mining operations are producing gold on virgin ground exposed by him. 



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Sandro Frizzi, (geologist/prospector)

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