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New Scientific report about out placer gold prospection

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New scientific reports open for public now:


During the summer of 2019, our placer-exploration team dedicated an extensive prospecting and testing campaign to those creeks that flow from both sides of the watershed divide between Sixty Mile, Forty Mile and Swede Creek orographic basins.
The divide consists in a long sequence of ridges composed by an assemblage of different rocks packed in bands with a NE-SW general trend. Those rocks are metasedimentary, metavulcanic and volcanic, with different types of intrusions.
The hillcrest of the divide hosts the world-famous Top of the World Highway: 106 kilometers of unpaved road with a course parallel to the Tintina Trench, the great fault located few kilometers north. This highway runs from Dawson City through the Alaskan borders and then carry on for 20 more kilometers, to Jack Wade.
The purpose of our research is to understand the reasons and possibly the dynamics of the placer gold occurrences exposed along the majority of the tributaries of Sixty Mile River, Forty Mile River and also along some part of Swede Creek..
All these creeks have in common the location of their headwaters which are springing from both sides (south- and north-facing) of the Top of the World, the directions of their valleys (≈ N-S), and the fact that they all are carrying placer gold in different concentrations.
Our intention is also to find out if the watershed divide itself is somehow directly related with the presence of the gold found in the area.
Between June and September of 2019 we jumped all over these huge mining districts to collect gold samples, concentrates and rocks to analyze for a better understanding of the geochemistry of these areas.
Gold samples have also been sent to a well-known British researcher specialized in tracking down the original (primary) depositional environments of the placer gold through the analysis of the micro-inclusions trapped in each specimen: professor Robert Chapman of Leeds University, UK (several of his publications could be found at: virtua.gov.yk.ca:8080
The analysis of professor Chapman could help to determine ounce forever the genesis of the gold in these areas.
Thanks to the many test-pits dug during this past summer along the different goldfields of this western part of the Yukon (see map on page 10) we discovered promising concentration of gold in areas that haven‟t been previously considered. These finds are of great importance for our placer exploration enterprise and will help us to develop future targets for the booming placer industry of the Yukon.

Sandro Frizzi

Report Gold Grain Studies by professor Robert Chapman


 Report by Sandro Frizzi






Are you thinking about running a gold mine or investing in gold?

...you’re on the right page! Yukon Exploration Green Gold Inc. is a placer exploration company dedicated to discover, test and develop active placer gold mines in the Yukon Territory. We own several properties with proven gold on it, ready to go in production at any time. Some of our properties are already at work, mined by different well-established enterprises. Our gold mines have different extensions: from 6 to more than 100 claims per block, and have been planned for different sizes of operations (from 2-3 to 10-15 workers). All our active mines are serviced by roads. You can lease one or buy your own one! Contact us for more information.

We are goldfinders...

... in the Canadian Yukon Territory. As a modern placer gold exploration company our duty is to discover new deposits and to develop successful mining sites. To achieve this goal we invest an enormous amount of energies, by securing our prospects (staking claims and leases) and then testing claim after claim. We select carefully our ground, by keeping only the best part and let the rest behind. Gold always played an important rule in the economy of all civilizations and today is still an important milestone for financial stability. ...And it's also true: after a day of hard work, to watch that gold in the sluice or in the bottom of the pan is a unique feeling!

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What is a Claim?

A claim is a mineral concession released by the government: the right to collect the mineral (in our case gold) disseminated underground along an area of 9 hectares (for a regular claim), The claim owner is legally the owner of all the gold scattered along this particular area. A claim must be staked by following determinate criteria (wooden posts of certain dimension at certain distance, etc...) and recorded by the official mining authority (Mining Recorder Office).

Each claim or group of claims require a yearly amount of work performed within its boundaries, "for a minimum accomplished work of $ 200 per claims. Every excess of work done on a claim could be credited for a further year of ownership. The fee for the registration of a claim and/or its renewal is only $ 10 per year.

The difficult part for a miner isn't to stake a claim ...is to find the good one!

Yukon Territory

Yukon is a territory in the north-west of Canada and about 1.4 times as large as Germany. It only has 36,000 inhabitants of which 30,000 live in the capital: Whitehorse. On its west side the Territory borders with Alaska (U.S.), while in the south there is British Columbia. With the beginning of the gold rush in 1896 the history of the gold mining suddenly started and never ended. Jack London, Robert W. Service and other great writers contributed to spread gold fever and romanticism desire of northern adventure among the young generations of all-over the world. In spite of its historical popularity, it was only in 1944 that the Alaska Highway was built by the US Army. Yukon is today very modern but still strongly connected with its traditions: it's maintaining its own mining and immigration laws, the same as 100 years ago. Yukon has its name from the great river that flows through the Territory and further through Alaska. Today is one of the most popular natural areas in the world!


Canada has a stable legal system. The mining law in the Yukon Territory is liberal and reliable, based on more than 100 years of experience with enterprises from allover the world. Canada offers several advantage over other gold-producing countries, together with a good management of the natural resources. Here placer gold mining is becoming more and more a low-impact industry from the ecological point of view, where the use of polluting chemicals is strongly forbidden, contrariwise to Africa, South America or Asia. The Yukon Government is welcoming who want to invest in the mining industry because the gold is one of the most significant product of the territory. The placer deposits of the Yukon are still an important source of this precious metal and the new/high price of it is boosting the industry. This Country offers interesting investment opportunities together with unique natural experiences. This lifetime's adventure will become a great reward for your business investment in the Yukon!

New scientific reports open for public now:

New scientific reports open for public now:


We present the reports of our scientific work from last year. The title is:

"Placer gold occurrences along the tributaries that flow from both sides...

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