We offer

We are not miners, not actual gold miners who mine the gold every day,
but we explore new areas where mining would be worthwhile and market claims that are worth mining for.

You may wonder why we do not mine this ourselves, the answer is simple:
We receive at least 10% of the gold found, without any investment or risk,
no matter if mining makes a lot or little profit.


 ... in all sizes: for large mining companies,
small businesses or hobby seekers...
... buy the gold in the ground at a fraction of the price of bars or coins.
Our company is growing fast and we are open to strategic investors.
CONSULTING in the development of gold mines
PARTNERSHIPS with mining companies and other companies,
who want to go into the gold mining.
If you want to visit gold mines or if you want to dig for your own holidays.


We sell gold claims in the Canadian Yukon. Owning a claim means that you can mine there for gold, the gold is the property of the claim owner. Our claims are located on very different streams and rivers in the Yukon. Some of our claims are located directly on the border with Alaska, you can also buy these claims. For our claims the necessary mining permits are available. So you are not just buying a claim but a ready-to-go-gold mine that is just waiting for you. The owner of the claim is not the owner of the property, that still belongs to the state of Canada, but this is irrelevant for the gold mining. We sell claims to individuals or companies that want to mine them, rent them further, or look to invest.

You can also lease claims from us, that means to a claim against a share of the gold found. You do not have to be a Canadian citizen, if you want to go mining. However, we lease only if it can be seen that the tenant has the necessary equipment and means and can prove experience.


Looking on the sheer number of claims and prospecting areas, we are among the top 5 claims owners in the Yukon. If you consider only "Virgin Ground" claims that have never been mined, we are even further ahead, but there is no exact statistics about this.

Within the next 5 years, we want to become the largest owner of claims in the Canadian Yukon, making it one of the largest in North America, probably even the largest. (Placermining)

Being the largest claim owner in North America leads to a certain geostrategic role in the commodity market.

Furthermore, the size and variety of our properties guarantee a very high level of security against the typical risk of a hard rock mining company which is sinking millions into only a single property.

Also and especially for larger investments we can offer very interesting conditions.

We also have extensive experience in larger M & A projects.


In order to realize an efficient placer mining, it is necessary to acquire a good knowledge of the various gold fields. This is our specialty: Our geologist is at your disposal to answer your questions on the technical characteristics of our claims (depth of the rock, presence of permafrost, thickness of the overlay, type of gold, ...). We can also advise you in questions of construction company / machinery as well as the essential factor of water. If desired, we will also provide you with the necessary equipment. If you decide to work on our soil, we can assist you during the first stages of mining and help you achieve the best possible result.




We are interested in partnerships with mining companies and other companies, who want to go into the gold mining and companies which have the equipment and man-power for a Joint-Venture.

We also haveown  equipment for lease.


If you would like to experience an extraordinary adventure, which is a real alternative to traditional holiday experiences, we can offer you that as well.You can visit us, even dig for gold, buy your own gold mine and also stake your own claims.We offer guided tours and explanations based on an hourly or daily fee.



Conditions for recreational mining:

Handmining (pan or sluice feed by hand):

Per day: $ 60 per prospector, or $ 100 per RV (motor home) up to 3 people
Documents in paper form, no personal advice.

Per week: $ 250 per prospector, or $ 380 per RV (motor home) up to 3 people
Documents in paper form, personal instruction in Dawson, not on the claim.

Per month: $ 750 per prospector, or $ 1,000 per RV (motor home) up to 3 people

Documents in paper form, personal instruction on the claim.

Pro Season $ 1700 per prospector, or $ 2,250 per RV (motor home) up to 3 people

Documents in paper form, personal instruction on the claim, monthly.

The indication "by RV (motor home)" refers to a group of people who would like to visit our claims by camper, we do not rent campers.

The fee might be higher than the worth of the gold found, please consider the fact that the completion of this offer requires considerable effort and that you receive valuable information that is not generally available. You can book our advice or help for a hourly fee.

If 15% of the gold found exceeds the stated fee, the 15% of the gold (minus the fee paid) must be paid.