Potential mines for the future

YEGGI is also constantly testing new ground and for this purpose owns several blocks of claims to explore and test for placer gold. The areas which will show good results will be converted into licensed gold mines, the ‘poor’ ones will be let expire.

Our claim properties under examination at this time are 10: Lori, Amelie and Rocca (on Hunker Creek), Zek (Flat Creek), Val (Clear Creek), Fly (Sixty Mile River and Mosquito Creek), Tramonto (Klondike River), Tommaso (McQuesten River), Candice and Pam (Stewart River).
During this summer of 2017 we tested some of these properties and during the next winter we will analyze the results of our testing and choose the claim blocks to keep testing. Soon we will publish the results of our testing campaign.

"Io" at Excelsior Creek

"Lori", "Ameli", "Rocca" at Hunker Creek

"Zek" at Flat Creek

"Val" at Clear Creek

"Fly" at Sixty Mile River und Mosquito Creek

"Tramonto" at Klondike River

"Tommaso" at McQuesten River

"Candice", "Pam" at Stewart River