Excelsior Creek

Excelsior Creek is a 12 kilometers long tributary of the Yukon River.

By 2018 the area will become finally accessible to the heavy mining equipment without using long and extremely expensive barge transportation. That vast region, which has always known for its rich goldfields, will be finally open to the placer mining enterprises of the Yukon.



3 miles Prospecting Lease

Overview map Excelsior Creek

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Location and how to get there

165km upstream from Dawson City

150km downstream from Pelly Crossing

a new 245 km road will be built by Goldcorp, starting from Dawson City. This road has been planned to service the new hard-rock gold mine located along Coffee Creek, which runs just 5 km downstream from our Excelsior Property.



741 acres




overview map of Io property at Excelsior Creek

Map Excelsior Creek

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Map of Io property at Excelsior Creek