Gold in the Yukon

The main reason for the high concentration of placer gold mines along the Klondike Plateau is related to the fact that this vast area has been mostly untouched by glaciations. This part of Beringia was always relatively dry, from the past until our days (on the Pacific coast it rains 8 times more than in the Klondike) and the snow didn't accumulate during the ice age.

The rest of the goldfields of the Yukon (Mayo, Carmacks, Whitehorse area) and of British Columbia (Atlin, Quesnel, Cassiar area), have been affected, re-worked or buried by the powerful action of different glacial events.

That's the reason why the Klondike plateau still is the favorite target for the placer miners: the deposits of unglaciated areas are easy to prospect and mine. The problem today is that these historical goldfields have been already mined several time and the miners are literally "scraping the bottom of the barrel": it's just about time to extend the frontiers and to look for new mineable ground!

In the modern days, with the development of new prospecting technologies (mostly geophysical) we can easily scout under the surface for hidden paleo channels or ancient benches. The modern prospectors are finally able to locate the remains of ancient fluvial systems buried under the glacial till and open new options for the placer mining industry of the Yukon.

Our group is dedicating part of its resources to scout for news mineable terrains in glaciated or partially-glaciated areas: in 2013, 2014 and 2015 we opened a brand new area at Big Creek (map 115P15), near the Red Mountain (Mayo district). We found good gold along this previously neglected valley and we staked the "Oz Property", 80 claims and 3 mile of prospecting lease.

During summer of 2016 on this new property started a successfull mining operation performed by a well established company. The miners are already recovering good amounts of gold and the exploitation will be continue in bigger force during the next years. This was a great success achieved by our team of explorer. We will keep searching along those new areas previously negletted by the placer mining industry.