Big Creek: "Oz"

Another great gold discovery at “Oz” Property!

The testing campaign done by Schmidt Mining Corp. along our Oz Property, located on Big Creek (Map 115P15) led this well established group to the discovery of another excellent ‘patch’ of very coarse gold, not too far (downstream) from the location where a previous good area has been already found in 2017. Both these great findings are following the first discovery of a good/coarse gold concentrations done by our exploration company during the early stage of exploration in 2013-14 and 15.

This latest findings are only confirming the existence of a strong gold distribution occurred along our property at shallow depth, and the good economic value of it.

Starting from May of 2019, the Oz claims will be mined by the Schmidt Mining Corp., the company which optioned our ground until 2020.

The gold just found (see the pictures below) is surprisingly coated with a red and black crust which appears to be more probably compose by iron and manganese oxides (not tested yet). The gold is generally coarse and grainy, with presence of several well rounded nuggets of noticeable size. The fineness is around 82%.



Water Licence

red gold great found
red gold
red gold at Big Creek

Overview map Oz property at Big Creek

Enlarge overview map


Location and how to get there

in the central part of the Yukon

60km from Mayo and 125km from Dawson City



1,712 acres




overview map of Oz property at Big Creek

Map Oz property at Big Creek

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Map of Oz property at Big Creek