Bruin Creek: "Nyx"

Goldmine ready to go!
13 Placer Claims, proofen Gold, shallow Bedrock, easy access, road to the claims
Parts of the claims gold gold at shallow depth.
All mining licences are existing.
Lease for 12% of the gold
Buying 300.000 can$
Half and half 150.000 and 5% of the gold.

Nyx Property is a fully licensed placer gold mine located along the Bruin Creek, a right tributary of historical Forty Mile River (see Yukon government map 116C02).
This is an extended piece of land with more than 110 hectares or 250 acres, represented by 11 Nyx claims (Nyx 1 – 11) plus 2 recently added new claims (Second Chance and Maggie).
The mine is 90 km west of Dawson City and is reachable by road: at km 75 of the Top of the World Highway is necessary to turn right and keep going for 16 km on a well-driveable gravel road, right to the creek.

During the last years we tested the entire property for placer gold with good results (between 0.3 and > 1 gram per cubic meter of sluiced gravel!). The gold is medium-coarse, with an average diameter running from 0.5 to 5 mm, and fairly grainy. Many specimens are still showing remains of crystallization, to witness them proximity with the main source. The gold is mostly deposited directly on bedrock, in a layer of 50 – 60 cm of thickness (1 – 2 ft.). Fineness of 820.
The bedrock is shallow (3 – 5 meters) and the overburden is easy removable with the help of a medium-size Dozer (D8 or D9 with single ripper). Patches of permafrost are scattered here and there, but they’re not thick enough to represent a serious challenge. 
The floodplain is wide and flat. This property has been staked along the most appealing (from the geomorphological point of view) section of this upper half of Bruin Creek. Most of the placer gold of this valleys should be trapped in this area.

We particularly recommend this easy-mineable property to a small enterprise with three-four men crew and conventional medium-size equipment (1 Dozer, a couple of 20 – 30 tons excavators, 1 Loader, an 80 m3/hr washplant with 8” pumps).



Water Licence

Testing in 2017 with very nice results up to 1 gr. / m3.




Overview map Nyx property at Bruin Creek

Enlarge overview map


Location and how to get there

from Top of the World Highway at km 75 direction North

a road right to the claims exists



250 acres




overview map of Nyx property at Bruin Creek

Map Nyx property at Bruin Creek

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Map of Nyx property at Bruin Creek