Flat Creek: "Zek"

Zek property consists in two parallel prospecting leases, each one measuring 3 miles of lenght (visible on map 115O15), plus 2 discovery claims on the mouth of the first and second right limit tributaries, and 2 co-discovery claims on the third right limit tributary. This is probably one of the most intriguing of our properties, with a huge potential but also a big challenge for our team of explorers. To prospect this ground, complicated by a mild/peripheral glacial activity (this is the eastern boarder of unglaciated Klondike), it will require a good amount of energies and thinking. From the positive side we must say that we are convinced that the result will be big.

This 38 km long creek, left tributary of the Klondike River, is located in a north-east marginal area of the Klondike plateau, toward the Tintina Trench. It lies just outside the ordinary gold routes (to access to its central part there is only a rough access-road barely visible at km 654 of the Klondike Highway, 60 km south of Dawson City) and this is probably the reason why it has been mostly neglected.
The portion of Flat Creek staked by us (the prospecting lease ID 01304) attracted the interest of the miners since the first gold rush. In fact, the section which goes from the mouth of All Gold Creek up to 3 miles upstream, has been constantly staked from 1898 up to 1962.
According with old documents and mining reports, YCGC (Yukon Consolidated Gold Corp) dedicated many attentions to Flat Creek, from 1934 to 1962, but never really decided to dredge it (at that time the Klondike Plateau was offering easier grounds with a lots of gold still to recover).
However, the presence of sandbars with very noticeable quantities of fine gold scattered along the wide floodplain were well known among the old timers (according with R.Coutts, the aboriginal population was calling this creek:” the mother of all the gold”).
Probably the extended width of the valley, disseminated of swamps and muskeg, together with the presence of groundwater immediately below the surface (which prevented from shafting), and a deep bedrock discouraged for decades the old timers.
Today Flat Creek could represent an appealing target: a massive mixed deposition of alluvial and glaciofluvial materials with different types of gold in it (fine and ultrafine gold on the surface, coarser specimens along the upper benches and who knows what’s on the bedrock along the floodplain). Its favorable location, not too far from town and right beside the Klondike Highway, will make a great point of interest for modern enterprises.

For all these reasons and for its interesting history, few years ago we decided to start prospecting this creek and we finally staked 3 miles of prospecting lease along its lower part, three extra miles on the left limit, plus two discovery claims and two co-discovery along its right limit tributaries. This coming summer (2018) we will keep testing and drilling the property with an heavy-duty auger drill rig mounted on tracked vehicle.

During our preliminary exploration campaign of the past years we located areas to be targeted for gold. Those areas are representing depositional environments whith potential for find good concentrations.

Those areas are:

1) Upper benches, visible on the right side of the creek (toward east), located along the hillside and well reachable by a gravel road which runs toward the creek starting from the Klondike Highway, at km 654.

These benches are showing presence of well rounded, coarse gravel and cobbles which in some cut appear to be well classified (our biggest challenge on this side of the creek is to recognize the alluvial deposits from the extended glacial-related materials which are covering the most part of these hills, toward the Tintina Trench which runs more east). Our main target here is to expose the bedrock and to test it for placer gold.

2) The area which goes from the foot of the eastern hill toward the creek. Here we intend to expose the bedrock as well, by digging deep pits (5m x 5m x 5m) and eventually drilling the frozen ground (our Komatsu has a mast attachment for an 8inch auger); we are planning to follow the profile of the bedrock and at the same time to test it for presence of gold.

3) The sand-bars well visible along the dead meanders of the creek. Patches of fine and ultra-fine gold of post-glacial deposition are very common all along the Flat Creek. In some case these sandbars are showing impressive concentrations of gold (eroded from the thick glacial-related packages
located along the right valley-side and then re-concentrated by the creek). These minor deposits seem to be richer than the ones tested and recorded by us along the Clear Creek during our campaign of 2015 and they could represent valuable targets by the future mining enterprises.



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Overview map Zek property at Flat Creek

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Location and how to get there

very good, only a few hundred meters next to the Klondike Highway

50km from Dawson City



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overview map Zek property at Flat Creek

Map Zek property at Flat Creek

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Map Zek property at Flat Creek