Lost Horses Creek




7 Miles Prospecting Lease



Map Lost Horses Creek

Map Lost Horses



Hugh Bostock was one of the famus prospectors of the Yukon. It was in 1947, when he was prospecting in the upper Klondike River and the West Ridge. In this time horses where used to reach those remote areas. One Day his pack horses run away, scared by a bear. They where disappered into the bush. But Bostock managed to recovered the pack animals and he named the creek, where the storry happend:
Lost Horses Creek.
With that amazing history, there should be some gold in that creek :-)

Togehter with Big Creek, Lost Horses is the headwater of South Little Klondike. At their confluence both creeks lost their names and are titled  with the famus name Kondike (South Little Klondike). Our most sucessfull mine is located on Big Creek.

We had an eye ont that creek since several years, it was staked before but nobody started a serious prospecting program. One reason will be, that it is a very remote area whitout a real access.

We are interested in this valley because of some special signs...
We will keep you updated