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We are goldfinders...

The Yukon,  in particular the Klondike plateau, is still one of the richest goldfield in the world. After more than 100 years of exploitation, the majority of the precious metal remains hidden on the bedrock, concentrated along the bottom of the valleys and on undiscovered upper benches. Creeks considered “remote” in the past, are now becoming more easy to access with equipment. Today  we can reach areas previously isolated, where the gold has been untouched or just mined by hand.

To extract gold from a placer deposits is fairly easy, economical and fast. Is also the most environmentally-friendly way to mine: all you need is water, gravity does the rest.

We are a growing group of engineers, geologist and prospectors operating in the Yukon Territory.


Note: we are currently looking for partners who want to work with us along our different properties, beginning from May 2016. If you’re interested, please contact us by e-mail at: yukonexploration@hotmail.com

Green Gold means Eco-friendly

During our years of exploring the Yukon, we have developed an intense respect for the natural beauty of this Territory and for mother nature in general. Even in the toughest situation we considered ourselves lucky to be part of this great, clean environment.

We spent some of the best days of our lives on these mountains.  It is our intention to develop our prospecting leases and placer gold claims with integrity, in an environmentally responsible manner.

IMPORTANT: we are looking for new technologies and  smart solutions for an environmentally-friendly way to mine. If you have green-ideas to share with us, or if you know of any heavy equipment and mining devices designed to have a low impact on the eco-system, please contact us.
We want to prove that mining can be done in a responsible manner, with a minor impact on the surrounding environment. We have to work together and share information in order to protect this beautiful nature.


Green Mining


A small example how we understand "Green Mining":
At Clear Creek we found old oil and diesel barrels. So we take them with us to the dump site.

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Wir starten stripping am California Creek


Wir starten die Vorbereitungen am California Creek. Während des stripping hatten wir eine schöne Überraschung: Der Overburden über dem Kies nur 1 m...

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Neue Homepage


Ab sofort ist unsere neue Homepage online:


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