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We are exploring for new placer gold deposits

Yukon Exploration Green Gold Inc. is a modern placer gold exploration company: our mission is to find new deposits and to develop profitable mining sites ready to go in production at anytime.

Our job is not easy and requires a lots of professional skills and serious investments of energies and capitals: our geologist are locating the new targets after a careful examination of the geological, structural and morphological characteristics of several different goldfiels.

Then our field workers are staking the new prospecting leases along the most promising areas.

The next step is to perform preliminary prospecting campaigns by collecting samplings and performing geophysical surveys with ground penetrating radars or auger drills (to locate the depth of bedrock).

If the preliminary tests are producing encouraging results we finally bring in our heavy equipment to perform more extended bulk-sampling campaigns.

When the gold produced by our testing campaign is looking profitable we convert the leases into claims and we apply for all the permits required to start mining.

Our licensed property are now guaranteed gold producers!



What is a Claim?

A claim is a mineral concession released by the government: the right to collect the mineral (in our case gold) disseminated underground along an area of 9 hectares (for a regular claim), The claim owner is legally the owner of all the gold scattered along this particular area. A claim must be staked by following determinate criteria (wooden posts of certain dimension at certain distance, etc...) and recorded by the official mining authority (Mining Recorder Office).

Each claim or group of claims require a yearly amount of work performed within its boundaries, "for a minimum accomplished work of $ 200 per claims. Every excess of work done on a claim could be credited for a further year of ownership. The fee for the registration of a claim and/or its renewal is only $ 10 per year.

The difficult part for a miner isn't to stake a claim ...is to find the good one!

Invest in Placer Mining

We intend to create a network of mining enterprises interested in developing a common project: acquire and test unexploited mining ground for the future, while performing active mining on the existing properties.

Each mining company will work independently on our ground and support a common team of researchers delegated to scout and test new and existing properties. In this way the miners operating on our project will share the costs of exploration and they will constantly be informed about the location of the next gold target. This mean: no more dead time for shortage of paydirt.

After years of research, hard work and testing conducted with considerable effort, the number of our properties (claims and leases) has been rapidly growing. Today we own hundreds of gold proven claims and more than 20 miles of prospecting leases ready to be converted into new active mine sites. We own properties of different size for small, medium and big mining operations.

Invest in Gold

On these days, with the global economy in deep recession, all the interest rates are low and many investors are afraid by the negative tendencies of currency. How to secure our money? Could the gold be the answer?

There are good reasons to invest in gold:

1. Gold has always been a classical investment and should always be a part of a broad portfolio. A good/old recommendation is to put the 15% of your assets in gold. If the confidence in currencies decreases, this will help the gold price to go high.

2. The price of gold is simply destined to grow, for its physical scarcity (the 70% of the global reserves have been already mined). The gold options are exceeding the physical reserves by far: if the all warrants on gold (which exist only in theory) will be redeemed, the price of gold would explode in a nanosecond!

3. Since the collapse of the gold price in 2013, the price of gold made sideways movement until the beginning of 2016. Many analysts declared that the gold price already reached the bottom and the chances for its price to be pushed down are today very minimal. Contrariwise, an increase of gold price could start to go up with no limits! At this time the shares of gold mining companies are picking up again to testify this tendency.

To own a placer mine could be the right way to invest your money: why to buy gold, which is mostly just on paper, when you can own a real gold mine?

Green Gold

During our years of exploring the Yukon, we have developed an intense respect for the natural beauty of this Territory and for mother nature in general. Even in the toughest situation we considered ourselves lucky to be part of this great, clean environment.

We spent some of the best days of our lives on these mountains.  It is our intention to develop our prospecting leases and placer gold claims with integrity, in an environmentally responsible manner.

IMPORTANT: we are looking for new technologies and  smart solutions for an environmentally-friendly way to mine. If you have green-ideas to share with us, or if you know of any heavy equipment and mining devices designed to have a low impact on the eco-system, please contact us.
We want to prove that mining can be done in a responsible manner, with a minor impact on the surrounding environment. We have to work together and share information in order to protect this beautiful nature.

Season is starting


Machinery is well prepared: The season of mining and exploration is starting!

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Rohgold zu verkaufen


Wir verkaufen Rohgold und Nuggets.

Herkunft: California Creek, 80-83 % Reinheit.



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