We are goldfinders...

... in the Canadian Yukon Territory. As a modern placer gold exploration company our duty is to discover new deposits and to develop successful mining sites. To achieve this goal we invest an enormous amount of energies, by securing our prospects (staking claims and leases) and then testing claim after claim. We select carefully our ground, by keeping only the best part and let the rest behind. Gold always played an important rule in the economy of all civilizations and today is still an important milestone for financial stability. ...And it's also true: after a day of hard work, to watch that gold in the sluice or in the bottom of the pan is a unique feeling!

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CLAIMS to BUY or to LEASE for enterprises of any size


CONSULTING for the setting of new goldmines



What is a Claim?

A claim is a mineral concession released by the government: the right to collect the mineral (in our case gold) disseminated underground along an area of 9 hectares (for a regular claim), The claim owner is legally the owner of all the gold scattered along this particular area. A claim must be staked by following determinate criteria (wooden posts of certain dimension at certain distance, etc...) and recorded by the official mining authority (Mining Recorder Office).

Each claim or group of claims require a yearly amount of work performed within its boundaries, "for a minimum accomplished work of $ 200 per claims. Every excess of work done on a claim could be credited for a further year of ownership. The fee for the registration of a claim and/or its renewal is only $ 10 per year.

The difficult part for a miner isn't to stake a claim ...is to find the good one!

Yukon Territory

Yukon is a territory in the north-west of Canada and about 1.4 times as large as Germany. It only has 34,000 inhabitants, of which 30,000 live in the capital Whitehorse.
In the west the territory borders on Alaska (U.S.), in the south on British Columbia. With the gold rush of 1896 the history of the gold mining began. Jack London and other writers have aroused longing for gold in the harsh north of generations of small boys.
It was not until 1944 that the Alaska Highway was connected of the US Army. Yukon is very independent. It has, for example, its own mining and immigration laws, the administration is very modern in many matters. Yukon has its name from the Yukon River that flows through the Yukon Territory and further through Alaska and flows into the Bering Sea at Nome.


Canada has a stable legal system. The mining law in the Yukon Territory is extremely liberal and very reliable. There have been no essential changes for more than 100 years. This is a decisive advantage over many other gold-producing countries. In addition, gold mining is very non-polluting - without chemicals such as toxic mercury - only with water and is ecologically justifiable compared to Africa, South America or Asia. The Yukon Government is looking for investors who want to invest in the mining industry worldwide because gold and other precious metals are the only significant income of the territory. The deposits in the Yukon are exhausted by no means. However much has not yet been found. We are always discovering new, degradable areas. The Yukon offers interesting investment opportunities as well as unique nature and experience possibilities. The fruits of an investment in the Yukon on site is a unique adventure.


Season is starting


Machinery is well prepared: The season of mining and exploration is starting!

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Rohgold zu verkaufen


Wir verkaufen Rohgold und Nuggets.

Herkunft: California Creek, 80-83 % Reinheit.



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